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X-Men 1 – Where it all began …

X-Men #1!!!!! So it begins, my first fresh take! Each issue from 1-212, read as if I had never read it before. And then a few thoughts.

Written by Stan Lee
Drawn by Jack Kirby
Inked by Paul Reinman
Lettered by S. Rosen

First a few random observations:

Good choice to switch names from Slim to Scott Summers!

Warren was more serious than I expected.

Beast seemed to be a mixture of The Thing’s personality and the hairy appearance and womanizing of Monk Mayfair.

And Professor X, I think he’s too old for his parents to have been part of the first Atomic testing. Maybe it wasn’t the bomb, maybe it was radiation.

As far as the story goes, it was a reasonable tale of beginnings. Not remarkable, but all the major characters were introduced including arch-enemy Magneto. There were only hints of later ideologies that would be developed surrounding prejudice and treating all people fairly.

My X-Men Diary by Patrick Bain

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1) And just look at all that has happened since. I can’t wait to see what will happen in issue 2.


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